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Stop Debt Collector Harassment

Have you got an unpaid bill goes into default, and bill collectors hounding on you?.

Although debt collectors have their legal right to make continuous attempt to collect a debt from you , most debt collection practices are considered illegal and is not tolerated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

While most debt collectors may be good about abiding with the laws of debt collection and yet sometimes, they may cross the lines with harassment like:

* Calling at unreasonable hours.
* Failing to stop communicating upon request.
* Using deception tactics to collect a debt
* Calling consumers at their place of employment.
* Using profanity language or bullying tactics.
* Threatening with legal action or arrest.
* Submitting false information on a consumer's credit report.
* Attempted comunications with consumers after filed bankruptcy.
* Public communication with consumers on social media platforms.

Fortunately, there are legal actions you can take to stop this harassment. First, contact the debt collector with written comunication like writing up a letter telling them to stop contacting you. There are letters of example posted on this website.

Always keep a log book or documentation on the debt collectors behavior and it is good thing to have a person present as witness to the incidence. While some consumer tends to record the conversation without informing the debt collector, this could backfired and considered illegal in some states.

If the debt collector is still persistent with their attempt, you can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at Your written complaint should have the agency name and address, the name of the original creditor, the dates and times of all communications, the names of any witnesses, and accompanied with copies of any other material like written communications, tapes of conversations, your debt collector harassment log, etc. You may request the forms from the Federal Trade Commission.

Sue the Debt Collector

If you believed you have a strong case of the debt collector harassment, you can even sue the debt collector for punitive damages. You can be awarded up to $1,500 plus attorney's fees just because the debt collector had violated the law.

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